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Honda-san drives Honda, son.

So wait, are people ACTUALLY eating tide pods now? I can no longer distinguish reality and irony.

I keep doing this thing where I show up to work 5 hours early and then want to kill myself.

You know that trans girl who's just hatching and recently left birdsite but is really excited to be on masto looking at ur sexy lewds?

The Avid Ovoid Avian-Avoider Voyeur

What is the word for a weeaboo, but for the British?

You ever get this nagging feeling that cryptocurrency is currently seen by corps and startups as a stepping stone to establishing their own sovereign states?


I went back to FTL because I lack all sense of self respect

Betrayal at Baldur's Gate was really fun, with many improvements over Betrayal at House on the Hill. The poorly explained haunts have not changed, that is for sure.

My cat hates it when I put my finger in her mouth. *keeps doing it*

@CitySquirrel There's no such thing as no good reason for a 3D Printer 😛

I resolve to work "reprobate" into more conversations

I'm trying so hard to get into The Sexy Brutale

My fursona is a human being but he's a bit shorter and fatter than I am and his name is Robert.

OH NO! CARMEN SANDIEGO HAS STOLEN your spot in line for coffee!