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Motoma :motorcycle: @Motoma

No good person would vote for a man who stands for the things Trump does, or does the things Trump has.

Here at Arby's we'd like to welcome Steve Bannon back to his old job: sleeping in our dumpster and barfing up gin in our parking lot.
Eat Arby's

Governors and presidents are a penny a dozen, but will cost a fortune in damages to the human spirit.

"All Bibles are man-made."
[Thomas Edison]

40% of United States Army officers from Virginia stayed in the Union Army after the start of the Civil War.

They fought to preserve the nation.

Do they have a statue somewhere?

"On this spot, for nearly a century, stood a statue of a traitor and a slaver. It was erected to mythologize a treason so immense it killed 365,000 patriots, whose deaths liberated 4,000,000 of their fellow countrymen from bondage. After standing as a constant reminder of oppression and white supremacy, and despite the opposition of hateful and violent extremists, it was removed by the people of this city in the hope of making right an injustice and further our Union."

~Future Historian

What bothers me is that people seem to think that White-Nationalism and Nazis aren't on the rise.

"Don't worry" was the response to:
- nomination
- election
- chosen advisors
- racist policy
- emboldened hate speech
- racists engaging in terrorism

@schestowitz ...yet on par with comparable offerings from IaaS/PaaS cloud offerings.

@Elizafox I actually did. I mined about 700 and sold them when they hit $1.

Mistakes were made.

@bubbabuddha I have literally no idea what you're talking about.

@qsypoq ...shouted the professional parcel fumbler.

Fuck every single person who said or implied there was no difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.